Grinding fixture ZS32/160-2

Grinding fixture ZS32/160-2

Grinding fixture ZS32/160-2

The botek grinding fixture ZS is designed for low volume production re-sharpening of single flute gundrills.

The fixture may be installed on a botek grinding machine MS-01, or a standard tool grinding machine.

The desired angles are set on the grinding fixture using graduated scales.
The gundrill is inserted into the clamping unit and a vee-shaped jaw holds the gundrill securely in the flute.

When choosing a grinding fixture, please consider the minimum flute length and gundrill diameter of the tools you wish to regrind.

Scope of delivery:

Holder (Order no.: 729000260)
Sleeve ZS32/160-2 (Order no.: 729000102)

Clamping range Ø: 2.0 – 32.0 mm
Minimum flute length of tool: 160 mm

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