After-Sales Service

The support of our customers does not end with the delivery of our products, but it begins with it.
Because wherever botek tools are used, our application engineers are there to support you.

We support you with:

  • the optimization of cutting data
  • the optimization of tool life
  • the minimization of non-productive times
  • the optimization of the process flow
  • feasibility tests
  • optimization tests
  • education and training for your users
  • optimization of your machine programs
  • the inspection of your machine with the botek pressure measuring kit
  • the further development of your previously used tools
  • the regrinding of your tools in your company

Additionally we offer:

  • regrinding service
  • the reconditioning of your tools (re-tipping)

Contact us if you need support:

Technical Hotline:

Tools with exchangeable cutting inserts
P: +49 7123 3808-200
Single flute gundrills/ Twin fluted drills, Solid carbide twist drills, Solid carbide drills, Milling cutters, Reaming tools
P: +49 7123 3808-300