Programme de fabrication

Partner to the aerospace industry


Forets à une lèvre

Stock Program/ Express Production Line

Espress Production Line

Outils de forage profond Types 01, 02, 07, 07 A

Stock Program Type 01

Deep hole drilling in Toolox

Programme de stock Type 153-03, 158-08

Grinding machine

High performance solid carbide gundrill Type 113-HP

Re-tipping Type 113/ Type 113-HP

Single flute gundrill Type 01

Forets à deux lèvres de coupe


Programme de stock 153-03, 158-08

System BTA

les données de commande

System Ejector

les données de commande

Carbide twist drill

Programme de stock 158, 158-08

Special tools

Coolant pressure gauging-kit

Rotating coolant connector

BTA/ Ejector Head Setting Gauge


Grinding machine