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Higher productivity with "Lite-Cut"


from 1974 till today

Single flute gundrills Type 110/ 113

Solid drilling tools, Counterboring tools, Trepanning tools

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Type 110/ 111/ 112/ 113/ 114/ 115

Solid carbide gundrill Typ 113-HP

High performance tool design type 113-HP newly developed
ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION to carbide twist drills

Solid carbide gundrill Type 113-HP-M

High performance tool design type newly developed for the usage with MQL

2-Flute Drills Type 120/ 122/ 123/ 125

Solid carbide 2-flute drills and 2-flute drills with brazed carbide tip

Deep hole drilling tools Typ 01/02/07

New: from dia. 12.000 mm insert with serration

Deep hole drilling tools System BTA

Deep hole drilling tools Ejector System

Solid carbide twist drills Typ 158

Special Tools

Special Tools: Pilot drills, Endmilling, Special counterboring tools...

Deep hole drilling on machining centres

Axial - Pulsator

For an efficient and process reliable application of our tools when machining steel and long chipping material

Rotating coolant connector

for deep hole drilling tools with internal coolant supply

Setting Gauge

for BTA/ Ejector Head

Coolant pressure gauging-kit

for machining centres and deep hole drilling machines

Stock Program - Express Production Line

Grinding fixtures

Grinding fixtures ZS/ PS
for regrinding single flute gundrills from dia. 0.5 mm

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